Mr. Bean in the Airport | ESL Video

Mr. Bean in the Airport

Quiz by: drcyndilu77    

Description: Mr. Bean flies first class and almost gets arrested. Video practices positive and negative verb construction.
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1. Mr. Bean ____________ a picture of the stewardess.
2. Mr. Bean ___________ his first class pass to passengers.
3. Mr. Bean ____________ his shoes.
4. The man next to him _____________________ Mr. Bean's feet.
5. The man _____________ having his picture taken.
6. Mr. Bean ______________ to wake up the man in front of him.
7. The man _______________ happy about his flight.
8. Mr. Bean _______________ a gun.
9. The officers ____________ he __________ have a gun.
10. The officers _____________ him.
11. The officer ______________ him if he takes medicine.
12. Mr. Bean says he _____________ medicine.
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