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Ultimate Dog Tease

Quiz by: rmd    

Description: Dogs... Love.... Food -- Grammar focus: past tense
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Food. You know, I just ______________ stop thinking about it.
So, yeah. So, you know, I went to the fridge and I ____________ the meat drawer -- you know what the meat drawer is right?
Yeah. What ______ in there?
Well, _____________ you what was in there. You know that bacon that's like, maple?
The ___________ kind, yeah. Yeah?
So, I took that out and I thought, "I know who _____________ that -- me." So, I ate it!
Oh, no! __________ kidding me.
Nope. Not kidding. You know I also ______________ there was some beef in there. Yeah, you know, steak, you know, juicy, well, I ate that too.
But I went back to the fridge just a few minutes ago and I put something together really special. You're _________ love this one. I took some chicken.
I put some, yeah, __________ some cheese on it. Then I covered it with...
____________ it with what?
Covered it with cat treats. Then, ____________ what?
I _________ it to the cat.
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