Monarch Butterfly Migration | ESL Video

Monarch Butterfly Migration

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Description: Why Monarch Butterflies spend the winter near Pismo Beach, California.
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1. Pismo Beach has the most _____________ of any other butterfly grove in the world.
2. The male monarch butterfly has _________________________, and the female does not.
3. The Pismo Beach butterflies come from as far away as _______________.
4. These butterflies can fly _____________ miles an hour at their fastest.
5. They come to Pismo Beach because _________________________________.
6. They arrive in Pismo Beach in the _______________, and they leave in the ______________.
7. The monarchs _____________________________ the milkweed plant.
**** Verb Tense Review: Simple Present and Simple Future with Will ****
1. When the caterpillar ______________ about two inches long, it will stop eating and begin looking for a place to make its chrysalis. The chrysalis, or cocoon, is the case the caterpillar lives in during its next phase.
2. It takes a caterpillar about twelve hours to build himself into his chrysallis. It _______________ in the chrysalis for about eight days.
3. About a day before the butterfly ______________ out of the chrysalis, you can see its wings under the green shell.
4. The butterfly cannot immediately fly after it ______________ out of its chrysalis. Its wings are wet, and they must dry in the sun for about twenty minutes.
5. When its wings are dry, it will catch the wind and fly away. ______________________ back next year.
See the two black dots there on his back wing? That’s a male. And the female will not have those black dots.


Hello! My name is Judy Espiau, and I’m a volunteer here at the most visited butterfly grove in the world – here at Pismo Beach. And I’m going to be talking about the butterflies and answering some of the most asked questions from the visitors that come here.

Where do the butterflies come from? Well, they come as far north as Canada, and they come as far east as the Rocky Mountains. Um, they can fly at about fifteen miles per hour, but if they really want to go, they can go as fast as thirty miles per hour.

Why do they come? Well, they come for one reason, and that is to avoid freezing temperatures. They’re a tropical insect, and they come to this grove because it offers a protection from the freezing weather.

And finally, when do they arrive, and when do they leave? Well they come here in early fall. They stay here all winter long. And (at) the first of spring when the milkweed plant starts coming up – their favorite plant where they lay their eggs – well, they will leave the grove.

It really is a magical place here with thousands of butterflies flying around on a warm day, and um, you just... you can’t come here and not be happy.
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