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Cats vs. Gravity

Quiz by: rmd    

Description: Cats have an amazing ability to leap, but sometimes even the most sure-footed felines take a tumble.
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The Internet is packed full of clips of people's cats doing _____________ things.
So we thought we'd put these wonders of the web to work and find out if cats are as __________ as their smug little faces suggest, or if they're as daft as the rest of us.
Let's jump straight in by examining cats' amazing ___________ skills.
Blessed with incredibly powerful back legs and a low body weight, they're capable of jumping up to six times their own __________ with grace and pinpoint accuracy.
When it comes to our leaping prowess, ___________________ we lack a cat's strength, their grace, and their accuracy.
I'm sure you'll ___________ next time. No? No.
So what is it about _____________ leap that leaves us humans for dust?
Well it's all down to evolution and increasing kinetic energy for the _________.
When preparing to jump, Missy adopts a ____________ position, like a coiled spring.
This allows her to exploit the full _____________ of her powerful rear legs as she leaps upwards.
On landing she pulls herself up with her back legs, gripping with her __________, bringing her to a graceful halt.
In the wild cats use their leaping skills as an essential part of ___________. And moggies domesticus still likes to keep his aim.
He spotted his prey. He waited. He ___________. He forgot about the window.
A numb ________ is no fun. It's time Mr. Waffles found somewhere warmer to sit.
Mr. Waffles didn't figure on the importance of ___________ when attempting to lift off.
Although he was hoping to jump up by pushing down and backwards on the car roof, his ________ meant the energy was wasted.
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