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Top 10 Things to SEE in CALIFORNIA!

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How far is it from Malibu to Los Angeles?
Death Valley is the ... in California.
What kind of terrain does Death Valley have?
Why is the architetcture in San Francisco unique? Because it's built ..
Where can you see seals and sea lions?
What kind of town is Montery?
What can you explore in Redding?
Where is San Diego?
What country does San Diego boarder?
What particular characteristic does Joshua Tree have?
Mount Shasta is
Venice Beach is good for
What can you see along the drive in Big Sur?
The winding road is ___ route between Northern and Southern California.
Malibu, also known as the boo. Malibu is a 21 mile surf town. You know what I'm saying? It's chilled
out. The vibes are good and relaxed. And it's only an hour away from LA. So if you're looking to get
away from the city, hit the boo for some surfing.

Death Valley. Death Valley is a desert located in Eastern California and is the lowest driest and
hottest place in all of North America. What we really liked about Death Valley was the varying terrain
-- going from deserts, at one point, into mountains, and the different ecosystems that had ???? as
well. Besides the desert and the mountains there was salt flats and sand dunes.

San Francisco. One of the towns with the most culture in California. Probably the home of all the
hippy movement in the sixties and 70s, still a lot of that reminiscent. Also a very beautiful town. It's
got... It's built on a lot of hills so the architecture is very unique to San Francisco itself. Also you got
the iconic Golden Gate Bridge which you probably have seen before. Worth checking out. Beautiful
views. If you had a day to spend there, take the trolleys around town, visit the piers, have some
drinks and just explore the town and take the culture in.

Monterey, California. Coastal town, located about a middle of the state, right on the water, probably
one of the most beautiful serene long stretches of beach I've ever seen. You can literally walk down
this beach for hours. Great surf if you're into that, though when we went, nobody was surfing. I
think was a little too cold. Really good seafood. We found ourselves broken down there and it was
actually a really big blessing in disguise otherwise we wouldn't have gotten to explore Monterey. So
if you want just a picturesque, like, beautiful beach town, this is it.

Up in Northern California, located on the Sacramento River, Redding is a nature-boy's hotspot. If
you're into exploring the wilderness, you'll find trails, mountains, waterfalls, hot springs..

San Diego. San Diego is a major city in the Southern Coast of California. It pretty much borders with
Mexico. The city is full of fun happy-spirited people and there happens to be a very bustling beer
culture there which we were happy to learn more about.

Joshua Tree. Joshua Tree is a desert consisting of two different desert ecosystems, the Colorado
and Mojave deserts. Characterized by its amazing rock formation, is an excellent place to enjoy
hiking, camping, checking out its wildlife and all the other plant life that it has to offer.

Mount Shasta. One of the biggest, most active volcanoes on the entire west coast currently located
in Northern California. Right after you enter California from Oregon, Mount Shasta is pretty much
the first thing you see. Mount Shasta is well known by the spiritual community as a hotspot, spiritual
hotspot. Draws a certain kind of people. A lot of hippies, a lot of yoga, a lot of that kind of thing.
Now the locals believe that there's an ancient civilization living within the actual mountain. We have
not been able to uncover them when we went, but it's also really good for hiking and exploring and
it's a giant mountain with tons of wildlife, so it's great for any time of the year.

Venice Beach. Venice Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world with a very incredible
culture and community that surrounds it. These people are very active and there's lots to do. If you
want to go spend a day, you could walk the boardwalk you could people watch, the community there
is nothing shy of eclectic. Park yourself on a bench near the boardwalk and enjoy what you see.

Big Sur. Big Sur is a 90-mile coastal drive in Central California. In essence, it's a big long winding
road along the coast that gives you incomparable views of the ocean and cliffs below. It's not the
fastest route between North and South California, but it's definitely got a lot more beauty than
driving the I-5. Be mindful, the winding roads make it a little bit more dangerous for larger longer
vehicles, like an RV, and the cliffs are sometimes prone to mini rock slides. "Holy crap!" "dude. It's
If you're anything like us and enjoy the beauty of nature and the ocean set, some time aside and
travel along Big Sur.

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There are SO many things to do and see in California, partially
because its got it all... mountains, deserts, the ocean, surf towns,
big cities, beautiful parks, and a very eclectic mix of people. We
highly recommend spending some time in the lesser known places
in Cali to really get a full idea of the kinds of adventures you can
create, but also you have to see the iconic touristy stuff like the
Hollywood sign, Santa Monica blvd, and hit the big National Parks
like Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon. Here are our Top 10
things to see in Cali!