Neil Armstrong: First Man on the Moon | ESL Video

Neil Armstrong: First Man on the Moon

Quiz by: mikolaj.kom    

Description: A look back at the first man who walked on the Moon.
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How far away is the moon?
How old was Neil Armstrong when he went to the moon?
How long did Neil Armstrong's moonwalk last?
What were the American people divided about at the time?
What was Neil Armstrong like?
When did Neil Armstrong become an astronaut?
How many times had Neil Armstrong been in space before Apollo 11?
What does the speaker say about the moonwalk by Neil Armstrong?
How many countries was Neil Armstrong greeted by?
What did Neil Armstrong do after coming back to Earth?
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1. Age group: 12-18
2. Teaching aims:
- to develop learners' general listening
- to provide learners with practice in listening
for specific information
3. Language level: A2+/B1