Vincent van Gogh

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Description: Art History
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Who is the artist featured in this video?
True or False: Vincent van Gogh was Dutch.
How many paintings did Vincent van Gogh make?
True or False: Vincent van Gogh hated colors in his art.
What form of art was invented because of Vincent van Gogh?
Today, Vincent van Gogh's paintings are...
You're watching FreeSchool! Today we're going to learn about the famous artist, Vincent van Gogh.
Born in 1853, Vincent van Gogh was a 19th century Dutch painter. Dutch is the word for people from
the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a small country in Western Europe. When he was a young man,
van Gogh traveled to France, England, and Belgium, but near the end of his life he moved to France.
Although van Gogh began to draw when he a child, he did not start painting until he was in his late
twenties and many of his best paintings were only done in the last two years of his life, before his
death at the age of 37. His work is very famous now, but while he was alive most people didn't want
his paintings. Vincent van Gogh made over 900 paintings while he was alive, but we only know
about one that someone wanted to buy. His first really good paintings were dark and serious. At the
time, people were looking for brighter, more colorful art. When he moved to France, van Gogh saw
new kinds of art, with new, brighter colors. He liked what he saw so much that he started to paint
with brighter colors himself right away. Later, he moved to the south of France, where the sunlight
was very strong and bright. The beauty and color of the place he lived inspired him to paint it, and
his artwork got even brighter and more colorful - full of new intensity, and also full of emotion.
People started to become interested in his new, bright paintings. If he had lived longer, van Gogh
might have sold many pieces of art, and could have become a very famous painter, but
unfortunately he died in 1890. Vincent van Gogh's distinctive style makes it easy to recognize his
paintings. His art was something new, a new way to see the world, and a new way to paint. Because
of his paintings, a new form of art, called Expressionism, was invented, and his work still influences
artists today. He did not live to see it, but today Vincent van Gogh is one of the most famous
painters in history. The paintings that no one wanted to buy are now worth millions of dollars; some
of the most expensive paintings in the world, and some of the most famous. I hope you enjoyed
learning about the famous artist, Vincent van Gogh and seeing some of his beautiful artwork.
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