Dog cloning

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Description: this video talks about dogs cloning
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This video talk about?
Where is the company located?
How many dogs have been cloned?
What's the name of the company?
The company clones your dog no matter its ...
How many days do you have to clone your dog after its death?
What do you need to get your dog cloned?
How long does the company take to clone a dog?
How old must your puppy be before it can go to the United States.
What makes the cloned dog different from the original?
True or False: If you can't pick up your dog, the company will send it to you via FedEX.
-One hundred and thousands dollars so did this dog, and this one, and these one too. That’s because each of the dog you see here are clones. On a recent trip to South Korea, we visited a lab that’s cloned over 600 dogs. The company's called Sooam and they clone your dog no matter its age,size or breed.Wanna clone your dog ? Here’s how you do it :
-First you need a dog that is still alive or if your dog just passed away, you have a five day window to get it cloned if you follow this very specific instructions
-Next, take your dog to the vet and get a tissue sample , then send that sample to Sooam where it takes them just 3 months to produce a cloned puppy in their labs in South Korea
-Once your cloned puppy is born, all you have to do is well … Wait.
Most countries have a quarantine period for imported dogs, so if you live in the states you’ll have to wait till your cloned puppy is at least 4 months old to bring it home.
-Finally when the wait is over. You can either make the journey to sold pick up your cloned puppy or a Sooam researcher can deliver your new pet directly to you.
-Now it’s important to know that while your cloned puppy might look exactly like the original dog, it’s personality would be shaped by the environment who raised it, in other words, your cloned puppy might not behave exactly like the original dog. In any case there is a alternative to life without your beloved dog,as long as you're willing to wait and willing to spend a 100,000$
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