The Ancient Silk Road | ESL Video

The Ancient Silk Road

Quiz by: EkaterinaDanilina    

Description: the ancient route description and how it was
High Intermediate
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Who travelled the dangerous road along the Silk Route in ancient times??
What precious cargo did they carry?
What mysterious country did a caravan cross?
Why did powerful dynasties build the Great Wall?
What was the link connecting China to the rest of the world called?
How many miles per day can camels travel?
What in actual fact was the Silk Road?
What did the caravans bring from Persia to China?
What did they bring form Central Asia?
What did they bring from India?
What did they bring from China?
When was the caravan route well established?
Who was a famous traveller that took this route?
How were luxuries transported?
Why did the traders want to find new alternate routes?
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