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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Quiz by: Michele Chester    

Description: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the U.S. Civils Rights Movement
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What were segregation laws called?
In what year did the U.S. Supreme Court declare that separate schools for whites and blacks were unequal?
Why was Rosa Parks arrested?
What did MLK organize in Montgomery, Alabama?
How long did the boycott last?
In 1963, King and other civil rights leaders organized the March on Washington. How many people came to the Nation's capital to demand equality for blacks?
Martin Luther King, Jr. stood at the base of which famous memorial?
In which year did Congress pass the Civil Rights Act -- making discrimination in public places illegal?
In which year was Martin Luther King awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?
Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee? What is the date of his assasination?
What other groups have been influenced by Martin Luther's King's fight for equal rights in the USA?
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