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Create an account to try chattybots for free. Free-plan chattybots use the standard quality voice. You'll have 30 minutes of conversation time to evaluate chattybots and even share them with your students. Subscribe to add more hours of conversation time.

Plans are based on which chattybot voice you choose and monthly usage (chattybot conversation time). Check out the voice demos:

Chattybot Voice: Standard Quality (SQ)

Chattybot Voice: High Quality (HQ)

Additional plans are available for organizations. Contact us with any questions. Thank you.

ESL Video Plus

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  • Share Chattybots with students:
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    PDF "Talking Worksheets"
  • Student Time Cards
  • Student Chat Transcripts
  • Chattybot Builder
  • Export quizzes for Canvas LMS


  • Can you explain more about usage?
    Yes, usage refers to conversation time. Let's say you teach a class of 20 students. You plan to provide a chattypass to your students and have them log 1 hour of speaking practice with chattybots per month (15 minutes per week). In that case, we'd recommend the SQ Chattybots: 25-hour Plan, costing $7.99 per month total.

  • Are refunds possible?
    Yes. If ESL Video Plus doesn't meet your requirements, contact us within 14 days of your purchase and we will promptly refund the full amount—no questions asked!