ESL Video Virtual Exchange Project 2020

Hi Teachers!
A Virtual Exchange project is when two classes partner and the students interact, sharing videos, writing, or even scheduling a live video conference if the timezones permit it. All ages and levels are invited to sign up to this Exchange Project. I'll sort the replies to the Google Form below and share the results back to you so you can easily find a partner teacher who teaches the same age and level as you.

Ultimately the exchange you plan with your partner teacher is up to you. Your classes can exchange student produced videos, share a FlipGrid, or a combination of things. Here is an idea for exchanging weekly assigments via Google Slides.

Have you ever heard of "streaks?" You've probably heard of Snapchat -- the popular social media app. (I'm not suggesting we use Snapchat, no, I'm talking about "streaks.") "Snapchat streaks" are when users send messages back and forth with friends for several consecutive days. The longer the users go without breaking the chain of communication, the longer the streak. Users earn rewards the longer the streak.

The idea here is that students from each class work in groups and exchange weekly assignments via Google Slides. Teachers can reward groups with longer streaks.

What can students share?
They can share cell phone pictures and write short paragraphs about food, friends, family, fashion, traditions, music, their school, interests, and favorite places around town, for example. Or they could insert links to videos, FlipGrids, websites, Google Documents, etc.. there is a lot of room for creativity.

For example, in my case I teach a class of about 20 intermediate adult students. I'd love it if I could find a partner teacher who also teaches a class of adult students that would like to do this. My class needs a project that motivates them to improve their writing and computer skills. So this could really help them while also being interesting and fun.

What I particularly like about this project is that it is by and large student led and won't require a lot of "teacher time." The students can work together to create the schedule of weekly assignments and complete the assignments in class, at home, or on their phone.

If you're interested in talking more about this and would like to find a partner to work with, fill out this Google Form. Again, all class ages and levels are invited to participate:

Google Form

This project is underway.
Every two weeks I group the responses by age and level and share the results back to new participants so you can easily find and contact teachers who teach the same age and level as you.
If you'd like to do a virtual exchange and are looking for a partner teacher, sign up. I'll share the Participants' Spreadsheet with you by 1/31.

Tentative Schedule:

Jan 17 - 31    Sign up
Jan 31 - Feb 7    Find a partner and plan your exchange
Feb 7 - End of Semester    Facilitate the Exchange with your Partner Teacher. Have fun, share ideas, and reward the students' effort and creativity.

Please complete the form today. and share this page with any colleagues who might be interested.

Let me know if any questions.
Ryan Detwiler
ESL Video Virtual Exchange 2020

image: Google Slides project
image: Google Slides project
image: Google Slides project
image: Google Slides project
image: Google Slides project