ESL Video Virtual Exchange Project 2020

If you're looking for a teacher to do an exchange with, you're in the right spot!

The goal of this project is to help teachers find an exchange partner by providing a Google sign up form and access to the form results (aka The Participants' Spreadsheet).

  • STEP 1: Sign up - describe your class
  • STEP 2: Once you sign up, you'll receive access to the Participants' Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet lists the teachers who have signed up and who, like you, are looking for a partner to work with.
  • STEP 3: Email some teachers. Ask them if they want to do an exchange. Schedule a skype or zoom meeting with him/her to discuss and plan your exchange.

Who can participate?
All age groups can participate (elementary, middle school, junior high school, high school, and adult).

What if I don't find a partner?
What most people think is that they'll sign up and immediately someone will contact them. That doesn't happen. You need to take an active role in finding a partner. You need to email someone on the list and ask them if they would like to do a virtual exchange.

Where are the teachers from? How many are participating?
They are from all over the world. There are about 60 participating. "High School" is the largest group, followed by Adult and Junior High.

What kind of virtual exchange can we do?
It's up to you.
Here are some ideas:
- exchange videos via Flipgrid
- make videos with Adobe Spark and share them with each other
- form small groups of students and have them share a Google Slides deck and journal to each other weekly

What do you recommend?
Personally I would recommend the Google Slides project. It's "easy" to plan and coordinate, student centered, and students improve both computer and writing skills. Moreover they can work on it in class, in lab, on their own computer at home, or on their phone.

What about synchronous discussion? Can our classes skype with each other?
Sure. You'll need to consider the time zones, but yes, if the timing works, go for it : )

Can you help me find a partner?
Yes, I'm happy to help or answer any questions. Just shoot me an email.

Google Sign Up Form

Every two weeks I group the responses by age and level and share the results back to new participants so you can easily find and contact teachers who teach the same age and level as you.
If you'd like to do a virtual exchange and are looking for a partner to work with, sign up. I'll share the Participants' Spreadsheet with you by 2/28.

Thank you for sharing this page with any colleagues who might be interested!

Ryan Detwiler
ESL Video Virtual Exchange 2020

Participants' Spreadsheet image: Google Slides project
image: Google Slides project
image: Google Slides project
image: Google Slides project
image: Google Slides project