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(ESL Category: listening) Brian Cox of The Travel Vlogger takes you to Paris, France, to see the world's most famous museum.
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Bonjour! Ttoday I’m taking you to a museum. But
before your two pennies are on its list, it’s not
just any museum, it’s the Louvre most popular, the
most visited museum in the entire world.
The Louvre opens its doors to almost 9 million
visitors annually and it is a central landmark of
Paris. Located on the right bank of the La Seine
River and the first arrondissement. With over a
half a million square feet devoted to public
exhibition floor space, the complex is so vast
that one can visit every day for a week and still
not be able to give more than a glimpse to each of
the exhibits.
The museum opened in 1793 with the 537 paintings
and today it contains more than 380,000 objects
and displace 35,000 works of art.
The museum has an interesting and lengthy history.
So long and so interesting, I don’t have time to
talk about it. So for more info jump on Wikipedia.
If you have limited time on your visit the Louvre,
here’s a quick list of things you must see. The
Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is a Louvre’s most
popular attraction, so you have to stop by there.
Several Rembrandt paintings are also on display as
well as some noteworthy statues. “Captive” by
Michelangelo,” Psych and Cupid” and the”Code of
The best time to visit a Louvre is on the
weekdays, except Tuesday when it is closed. In
summer there is a mad house, with what seems like
never ending lines so you better get there early,
before the door is open. Probably follow this rule
on weekends and holidays too. Another way to beat
the line is to purchase your ticket ahead of time.
So if you’re searching for some culture or you
just don’t wanna sound like a retard, for not
coming to one of Paris’s most iconic tours
attractions come to the Louvre, au revoir!

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