Chattybot - IELTS Speaking Test
Practice #9: Home / Friends

Part 2: Individual long turn

To help you excel in Part 2 of the IELTS Speaking test, this chattybot will provide a topic for you to discuss for 1-2 minutes, offer vocabulary, collocations, and linking phrases to enhance your response and boost your confidence and fluency in common IELTS Speaking topics.
Take a minute to prepare and jot down notes before speaking.

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Picture of the test examiner. A smiling man.
Describe a person you met at a party with which you enjoyed talking with.

You should say:
  • what party it was
  • how you met this person
  • what you talked about
  • and explain why you enjoyed talking with him/her
How to Use the Chattybot
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1. Start Your Conversation:

- Click on the "Start Conversation" button to activate the chattybot.

2. Speak to the Chattybot:

- On a computer using Chrome: Click the "Speak" button.

- On a mobile device: Tap the "Play Audio & Speak" buttons.

- You have 2 minutes to speak.

3. Send Your Message:

- When finished speaking, click or tap the "Send" button. This will send your spoken message to the chattybot for a response.

4. Send a Time Card:

- To send your practice time and chat transcript to your teacher, click the "Time Card" button.

- Enter your name and class code in the provided fields.

- Click "Send."

5. Problems?

- If the chattybot isn't working as expected, click your browser's refresh button.