Chattybot - Civics Test Prep 1
Colonial Period and Independence
Prepare for your naturalization interview with a friendly AI chatbot. U.S. Citizenship

A collage of images including a map of the original 13 colonies, pilgrims landing in a tall ship, and men working on drafts of the Declaration of Independence.

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🇺🇸 Colonial Period and Independence

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Early America
  • What is one reason colonists came to America?
  • Who lived in America before the Europeans arrived?
  • Name one American Indian tribe in the United States.
The American Revolution
  • Why did the colonists fight the British?
  • There were 13 original states. Name three.
The Declaration of Independence
  • What did the Declaration of Independence do?
  • What are two rights in the Declaration of Independence?
  • Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
  • When was the Declaration of Independence adopted?
The Constitutional Convention
  • What happened at the Constitutional Convention?
  • When was the Constitution written?
  • The Federalist Papers supported the passage of the U.S. Constitution. Name one of the writers.
George Washington and Benjamin Franklin
  • What is one thing Benjamin Franklin is famous for?
  • Who is the "Father of Our Country"?
  • Who was the first President?