Chattybot - My Favorite Object Talk with a friendly chatbot about your favorite object. Low Intermediate (A2)


💬 Click the "speak with chattybot" button.

🔁 If the bot gets stuck, click refresh.

🔒 Conversations are private. Neither ESL Video nor teachers can view them.

❓ If a word confuses you, just ask, "What does ________ mean?" and the chattybot will explain.

Conversation Questions

This chatbot is conversational. Here are some of the questions the chattybot may ask.

1. What is your favorite object?
2. Why is this your favorite object? How do you use it?
3. What does this object look like?
4. How does your favorite object make you feel?
5. Is there a story behind your favorite object? How did you get it?
6. Does your favorite object remind you of a certain time or place?
7. How do you take care of your favorite object?
8. Where do you keep it in your house?
9. What would you do if you lost this object?
10. Would you ever consider selling or giving away your favorite object?