Chattybot - Family Talk with a friendly chatbot about your family. Low Intermediate (A2)


💬 Click the "speak with chattybot" button.

🔁 If the bot gets stuck, click refresh.

🔒 Conversations are private. Neither ESL Video nor teachers can view them.

❓ If a word confuses you, just ask, "What does ________ mean?" and the chattybot will explain.

Conversation Questions

This chatbot is conversational. Here are some of the questions the chattybot may ask.

1. Do you look like anyone in your family?
2. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
3. Does your family live near you or in a different city, state, or country?
4. How often does your family get together?
5. Who is the most adventurous person in your family?
6. What is your family's favorite meal to cook together?
7. Does your family have any pets?
8. Who is the most studious person in your family?
9. Who is the most organized person in your family?
10. Does anyone in your family have a birthday next month?
11. Who is the best at sports in your family?
12. Who is the most musical in your family?
13. How would you describe your family in three words?

What are ESL Video Chattybots?

Discover a new approach to English speaking practice online with our conversational AI, designed specifically for English language learners. This interactive chatbot initiates short, engaging conversations on various topics, offering you ample online speaking practice. The current topic revolves around 'Family'. The chatbot will ask questions like: "Do you look like anyone in your family?" or "How often does your family get together?". It's an intriguing way to describe the most adventurous person, the best cook, or the most studious individual in your family. You might even discuss if your family has any pets or who has a birthday next month. The objective is to immerse you in real-life scenarios, allowing you to practice English in an enjoyable and productive manner.